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In June of 2020, I was going about my day as usual and this quote hit me "Our greatest assignments in life will always be people." It had to be a quote straight from Heaven because it was so kingdom to me. It spoke of what I was feeling for the past months that in addition to serving God, we are called to serve and love one another.  

I have been in the Christian faith for almost 20 years and although I had served in different capacities here and there, it wasn't until recently that I had a burden to serve others in a capacity that would require more of my time. Not every Church has a program to go witnessing, feed the homeless, or do church without walls (services outside in the neighborhoods). So when this quote popped up in my heart and mind in June, I knew that it was confirmation of what I had been feeling.

If you take a look around and truly observe, I mean really observe people day to day, there are people truly hurting. People that need to hear about the love of Christ. And our job? To show them that love and introduce them to Christ. That is our assignment here on Earth: people. This t-shirt is my favorite out of the collection because it speaks to the heart of Bold Faith Movement: people. It carries the quote on the front and Galatians 5:13-14 on the back. It's a call to action to refocus our attention on meeting the needs of people through servitude. By serving one another in love. 

-- Esther <3

T-Shirt Details:

  • White Tee (Soft Tee)
  • 4.3 oz
  • 100% Combed Ringspun Fine Jersey Cotton 
  • Short-Sleeve
  • Unisex Tee

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Thank you in advance for allowing us to be God's hands and feet in South Florida.